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In all businesses, follow-up is a critical step that is often overlooked. We all want more business, but I can assure you that not many companies can just sit and wait for the client to walk in and buy at the offered price. Marketing and sales are becoming more and more important.

An important part of the marketing and sales process is follow-up. You can make an offer for office space but if you fail to follow up with your prospective clients, you will not very often get a positive reaction. Why? Because some of your competitors are making sure to follow up very quickly and persistently. We all know that when you speak with a client or prospect, you have the opportunity to sell, invite the person to a tour of the facilities, and hear what they are looking for and why they like your facility or another. I know some of our Members are very good about this and that is why they are more successful than others. Some might need to improve on that and I would advise creating a written internal instruction on when and how the follow-up has to take place and also how to report on that.

Nowadays it is very difficult to reach people by phone, but again, I know the operators who don’t stop until they have spoken with clients are the most successful ones.

We know from the brokers that in some cities the inquiry is dead within 30 minutes. A customer sends it out to several companies, brokers pass it on to several centers so the client will be approached immediately with offers, phone calls, voicemails, text messages, etc. So let’s try to be faster this year with our offers and follow-up. As we handle many inquiries daily we know that the most active centers have much better results and revenues than centers that just do it the way they have done it for many years. I do hope that being faster and performing excellent follow-up will be part of your centre’s resolutions for 2008!

John Milhado is ABCN’s Executive Director for Europe. Based in The Netherlands, he is able to provide a first-hand account regarding the markets in the European region.

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