Why Your Business Center Should Do More than Advertise

Press releases are a powerful, cost-effective promotional tool—if they are well-written with a focused message that consistently reaches you targets business center users.

In fact, the press release can offer much broader exposure for your business center than an advertisement alone at a fraction of the cost and more credibility to boot.

Although many businesses centers still depend on Yellow Pages ads to drive awareness, a press release has a much different impact on the reader’s psyche, and may ultimately prove to be a more believable medium.

Advertisements seek to convince the audience your business center’s advantages. Their intent is to sell. Ask yourself this question: Do you trust most television commercials? What about magazine ads? How about the banners on the web? Are you getting the point?

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Press releases on the other hand, tell. They inform. They do not try to sell or convince. Just as a news article (no matter what its context) reports something known to be factual, a press release implies objectivity and is distinguished from opinion and subjective perception.

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Think evening news, The New York Times, CNN or your local daily. We assume the reporters—and those quoted in the article—are telling the truth.

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When promoting your business center you need to build credibility. This is especially true online because the Web is not necessarily perceived as a wholly righteous commerce forum.

A straightforward, well-written press release helps to remove the cloud of doubt and skepticism over your business center. The reader assumes the information is true. This provides a distinct, built-in advantage over traditional advertisement.

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Are both mediums valuable? Absolutely. Does one give you more mileage for your money? Undoubtedly.

Besides being a more believable promotional means, a press release  can enhance your image on the Web and in your industry. A strategically produced press release that taps search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and backlinks to your site will likely improve your ranking with search engines.