Introducing Your Business Center to Pinterest

OK what does Pinterest have to do with the world of business centers? If you want to grow business center to grow, then potentially plenty.

Since its launch in 2010, Pinterest has grown to over 10.4 million members and daily users have increased 145 percent since the beginning of the year. Gentlemint is similar service that is also gaining momentum.

Indeed, leveraging social media websites beyond Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is one way for a business center to further grow customer lists, increase website traffic and build brand awareness. But why, specifically, can your business center get on board the Pintrest bandwagon? 

The answer is simple: You already have plenty of photos of your business center. Why not put them to more use on a visual content board that could turn into a powerful referral platform for your business center? It takes a few minutes and could pay dividends long-term.

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E-mail marketing service Campaigner offers four tips for enhancing marketing content, encouraging customer interaction and raising social media responses through Pinterest and Gentlemint. We outlined them here with some of our own comments:

1. Find the right audience: Pinterest membership is female dominated. Top pins are about crafts, gifts, interior design and fashion. Gentlemint offers mostly a male readership. Try one social platform before diving in based on the audience. If targeting both sites, keep the audience in mind when choosing photos to add to boards. OfficingToday believes business centers should be on both sites but focus on Pinterest first.

2. Get the news out: Once the account is set up, include the board link in all new e-mail marketing campaigns and your website. For example, add a ‘Follow us’ button on Pinterest within a campaign e-mail alongside the links to pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. OfficingToday believes Pinterest is going to continue to gain momentum. Being an early adopter could give you a competitive advantage.

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3. Captivate and capture: Make it as easy as possible to subscribe to an e-mail marketing program. Include a sign-up form in a prominent position on every website page, on Pinterest and/or Gentlemint boards and pages on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. OfficingToday believes if you offer an incentive, like some sort of free report, you’ll be more likely to get sign ups.

4. Make new friends but keep the old: Don’t skip out on Facebook and Twitter to focus solely on Pinterest. Share your content on all platforms. Just add Pinterest to the list. OfficingToday believes you should start with Pintrest and replicate your efforts on Gentlemint as time permits.