Business Centers Beware: Third Workplace is Rising

Third Workplace, California
Third Workplace, California

Officing Today has been writing about the rise of the mobile workforce for months. Now, we’re seeing some innovative new twists of which every business center operator should be aware.

The latest example comes out of Walnut Creek, Calif. It’s called Third Workplace and it bills itself as “a flexible workspace environment with all of the advantages of a professional office in convenient community locations.”

Third Workplace just opened its doors in the East San Francisco Bay area. The company offers mobile workers access to open workspaces, private offices, and conference rooms with the latest in communications technology.

“We have the responsibility of finding spaces where employees at Riverbed have the technology resources they need to be productive, collaborative and can meet with clients,” says Steve Hirai, senior director of Corporate Services at Riverbed Technology. “Third Workplace is a cost-effective solution for us in locations where a physical office is cost-prohibitive but employees need a space that makes them feel at home and offer the same advantages they would have if they were working in a Riverbed office.”

Third Workplace claims it revolutionizes the evolving workplace by offering a way to stay productive working remotely – allowing workers to get out of the coffee house and into a professional working environment with amenities like WiFi, modern furniture, video conferencing, printing, high-speed copier and faxing.

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Third Workplace Memberships are available on a pay-as-you-go basis (as low as $6 an hour) or with a monthly subscription plan with even lower costs, allowing entrepreneurs the flexibility of hourly access, or enterprise workers the predictability of a monthly charge.

“Undoubtedly, there is a growing trend toward the consumerization of the workplace,” says Chris Mach, Global Workplace Strategist from AT&T.

“With the advent of social networking, the acceleration of wireless technologies, and the capability to work virtually anywhere, office workers are becoming more enabled and more savvy consumers,” he continues. “They are demanding a workplace platform that serves their social needs, each individual’s work-life blend and creative aspirations. Third Workplace is the manifestation of all of this. I look forward to watching this evolve.”

So pay attention, business center operators. Innovative mobile worker-oriented office space is gaining ground. What is your business center doing to cater to mobile workers?

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