Business Centers Get New Competition With Serendipity

Serendipity Labs
Serendipity Labs

Coworking is weaving its way into the business center world, but there is competitive pressure from outside forces.

One such force to be reckoned with is Serendipity Labs. The company is planning a rapid expansion of alternative workspace, including coworking, that should be turning the heads of every business center operator in New York and beyond.

Serendipty Labs has designed workspace that promises to give workers the literal best of all officing worlds. For example, members can move from collaborative spaces to quiet personal workspaces to social gathering spaces at different points in the day as they have needs for different types of space.

“Thirty percent of U.S. knowledge workers are now un-tethered from the corporate workplace, a figure projected to reach 60 percent by 2020,” says John Arenas, Serendipity Labs, CEO. “These knowledge workers are now choosing where they work and how they collaborate, the same way they choose their own mobile devices.”

Before you write it off as a pie in the sky idea, consider this: Serendipty Labs has attracted funding from Steelcase. By partnering with Steelcase, the firm is guaranteed expert insight into workplace design.

“We are always exploring new ways to create value through our insights, workplace designs and integrated technology products,” says John Malnor, vice president of Growth Initiatives at Steelcase. “We believe we can help power exceptional experiences in this next generation of workplace-as-a-service solutions. Our involvement with Serendipity Labs is consistent with that goal.”

Steelcase’s involvement with Serendipity is part of what’s making the alternative workplace provider’s rapid expansion plans possible. Serendipity plans to expand its network through both company-owned and franchised locations as well as locations managed on behalf of corporate clients and real estate partners, starting with locations in Rye, NY and Midtown Manhattan.

“We believe in creating environments that not only facilitate productivity, but also inspire success, and we are proud to deliver a transformational workplace experience to our members and their guests,” Arenas says. “Whether it’s for individual focus, team interaction, or virtual collaboration, Serendipity Labs provides the engaging and inspirational alternative that workers are looking for, while enabling companies to reduce real estate costs and attract the most talented workers.”

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