Orega Achieves ABCN’s UK Operator of the Year Award

It seems there’s no stopping the Orega juggernaut. It’s all expansion, expansion, expansion as one of the UK’s most enterprising and forward-thinking business centre operatives celebrates the launch of its 11th location, whilst laying the foundations for more new centres as we speak.

And to top it off, Orega has just been named as ABCN’s UK Operator of the Year.

This coveted title is bestowed on one UK business centre operator every year. It’s the job of ABCN Chairman Frank Cottle to review the performances of the network’s members and in his words, identify “those who have made us all proud” by their outstanding service and contribution to the industry.

“This year, it is my extreme pleasure to bestow upon Orega our highest achievement award as our Operator of the Year for the UK,” said Frank. “As we all know, the UK may well be the most competitive service market in the world within our industry, and it is no small accomplishment for any company to rise to the pinnacle of performance that Orega and their team have managed.”

Frank went on to say that Orega’s substantial growth occurred during a “more than challenging economy”. He applauded their management style, team culture and commitment to “superior levels of service”.

“Our review committee wants to sincerely commend Orega both for helping to raise the bar for our entire industry, and for inspiring us all as a model of what we can hope to achieve by following their standards.”

Orega’s joint Managing Director Zach Douglas said that it is a “big honour” to receive the award, referring to his team which he says are “the guys that make it happen”.

According to Zach, this latest achievement comes amid huge steps forward for the Orega brand. “We opened our 10th business centre in this, our 10th year, which was one of our very first objectives when we first started the business. We had a target of 10 centres in 10 years, and we’ve done it. It was a huge personal achievement for Paul and I,” he said. “Now we’ve surpassed it, as we recently opened our 11th centre and our 4th in London.”

According to Zach, London remains a prime focal point for the company. The capital has a high level of demand from businesses seeking flexible space, particularly corporate requirements – and Zach has seen a noticeable increase in this trend over the past couple of years. He attributes this to the fact that many corporates simply don’t want the risk factor associated with real estate. This is yet more good news for Orega as well as the serviced industry as a whole.

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So what’s next for Orega? “We have a number of new Central London locations on the cards… that’s all I can say for now,” he said. In addition, they are looking at “every key city outside of London” and have deals in solicitors’ hands as we speak. And they even have their sights set on the European market too.

It seems the Orega juggernaut is not only rolling in the fast lane – it just shifted up a gear too.

Congratulations to Orega on a phenomenal ten years and for becoming ABCN’s much deserved UK Operator of the Year in 2012.

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