Will Regus Dominate the Mobile Workstation Movement?


Enterprise mobility is a matter of when, not if. And that has direct implications on your business center in Asia (and beyond).

According to IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Worker Population Forecast 2011-2015, 838.7 million employees in Asia/Pacific – not including Japan – will be mobile workers by 2015. What’s more, the majority of these mobile workers will be office-based.

Are you starting to get the picture? Mobile workers are mobile workers in the sense that they are on the go and using mobile devices to help get the job done. But that doesn’t mean that mobile workers don’t still need an office space in which to land.

“Mobility is at its most exciting point since Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first cellular call,” says Tim Dillon, associate vice president for Asia/Pacific End-User and Mobility Research at IDC. “The convergence of devices, networks and applications has changed the expectation of ‘any time, any device, anywhere’ from hackneyed cliché to an exciting truism.”

What are business centers in Asia doing to cater to mobile workers? That question is somewhat up in the air.

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Regus is launching mobile workstations in partnership with railways and petrol stations in Europe, but that experiment hasn’t trickled into Asia yet. Still, it’s just a matter of time before Regus brings its new mobile workstation concept to nations like Singapore (pictured) and China. Will Regus dominate there like it appears set to do in Europe?

The Executive Centre seems primed to make a move on the mobile worker front with its 40 business centers in 15 cities helping business travelers drive more productivity. Servcorp can’t be too far behind. But there haven’t been any announcements parallel to what Regus is doing, at least not so far.

Whether you are in Asia, Europe or North America, your business center should be thinking about how to cater to mobile workers. Launching an aggressive mobile workstation strategy like Regus’ – and undergoing the expenses associated with such a program – isn’t necessary to get the attention of mobile workers that do business in your community. But you should be doing something – and soon.

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