Does Your Business Center Need Yet Another Directory Listing?

Square Mile Offices
Square Mile Offices

Business center directories are a dime a dozen these days. Some are visually dated while the new generation is visually stunning, compete with social media buttons, Google Maps and advanced search features.

But does your business center really need to get listed in yet another directory? Or do the executive office suites directories you are already in suffice? That depends on your marketing philosophy.

This question arose as I stumbled upon Square Mile Offices. Square Mile Office is offering one more option for business centers in London that want to get the word out about their available serviced office space.

Square Mile Offices boasts a large portfolio of serviced offices in and around London and the company is doing its part to drive office-seeking traffic to its directory. In fact, Square Mile Offices is boasting an “unbeatable selection” of serviced offices in London.

Here’s the core value proposition for office-seekers: “Here at Square Mile Offices, we are dedicated to sourcing superior serviced offices in London to meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every client is different and strive to offer a bespoke service to each customer. Whether you are looking for an ideal location for your first office or want to expand, we can help you find the perfect office space.”

Here’s how it works: Office-seekers can browse serviced offices online, or search by a postcode, city or street. But Square Mile Offices also has a dedicated team of specialists waiting to help office-seekers with their search. When office-seekers find business centers that turn their heads, they can fill out a form to request more information. Office-seekers can also call in for help finding a business center.

As with most directories, listing your business center with Square Mile Offices is totally free. If Square Mile Offices successfully places a client in your business center, the company will charge you the industry standard 10 percent of the first year rental.

There’s nothing altogether new about Square Mile Offices, other than it’s part of the new breed of directories that are springing up. So why should your business center consider joining one more directory?

Well, if you believe that scattering more marketing seeds gives you a better opportunity to reap a revenue harvest, then there’s no reason not to join as many directories as possible. If, on the other hand, your business center has high occupancy and you aren’t looking to do more tours, then it would seem the system you have now is working well.

Of course, that can always change. In a competitive environment where the risk is low and the reward is high, most business centers would do well to consider listing in all the reputable business center directories.

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