Three Tips for Pinterest Business Center Success

Is your business center on Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite interests and hobbies. Pinterest just opened up to anybody and everybody – invitations are no longer required. That means the traffic is set to explode even more than it already has. Business center marketers need to be using the growing social media outlet.

Based on latest traffic report from Shareaholics, Digital Marketer managing editor Josh Loposer says that Pinterest is beating Bing, StumbleUpon, and Google’s referral traffic. Those are some pretty tall orders in the search and social media worlds.

“Pinterest’s referral traffic has grown by a healthy 40 percent since January, when the hype machine started – moving from .85 percent to 1.19 percent,” Loposer says. “Pinterest is the biggest success story here, as Bing, StumbleUpon, and even Facebook have seen referral traffic dip.”

Pinterest can be a boon for your business center – if you know how to use it. In essence, all you have to do take some pictures and then start pinning. But there is a rhyme and a reason to what you pin.

If you want to get up and running quickly with Pinterest, you can head over to Digital Marketer and download “How to Drive Traffic with Pinterest.” The report shows you how to make sure your Pinterest account is set up to maximize all inbound traffic.

If you want some quick help on the spot, the Creative Group offer three tips for using Pinterest to display your business center:

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1. Organize your boards wisely. If you want people to peruse your pins, you have to make it easy and intuitive for them to find what they’re looking for. Carefully consider what content you want to showcase, whether it’s images of your executive office suites, technologies, amenities, etc. Then create a clear, concise title for each board, such as “Business Center Lobby or “Coworking Space.”

2. Create captions. Make sure viewers understand the context of your pins by labeling images. For example, “Large Executive Office Suites” or “Executive Office Suite Views.” When repining photos you like, whether it’s mobile technologies or office furniture, comment on why you found the image compelling.

3. Build your following. The best way to attract more eyes to your Pinterest page is to engage with other pinners. Follow boards and users with similar interests, and then like, comment on or repin images you find inspiring. For business centers, the best bets are probably the products you use, whether office supplies, technologies, etc.

And if you are trying to attract mobile workers, Pinterest be just the right marketing tool for your business center. Just two weeks ago, Pinterest unveiled Android, iPhone and iPad apps. The apps offers users new ways to engage with pins, whether swiping the screen to resume browsing after viewing a board, or using the embedded browser to see what others are pinning from their favorite sites.

So as you are considering the social media strategy for your business center, consider how Pinterest can help you display the visual appeal of your executive office suites, coworking space and various amenities.

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