Servcorp Taps Hurricane Sandy Marketing for Virtual Offices

Servcorp is showing it’s marketing savvy this week in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

New York City buses resumed their schedule and the New York Stock Exchange reopened its trading floor Wednesday, according to Fox News, but it became clear that restoring the region to some semblance of normalcy could take days or considerably longer for communities that were the hardest hit.

With that in mind, Servcorp asks a pointed question in a Craigslist ad: If your New York business phone number were being answered by another provider today, do you know what your callers would hear?

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Servcorp doesn’t wait for readers to answer that question, but replies with the answer: They would (1) hear “fast busy” signals or (2) calls would ring incessantly with no voicemail option or (3) they would go straight to voicemail.

“Not the case if you had a Servcorp office or virtual office! Our phones in New York and the Northeast are being answered regardless of Hurricane Sandy due to our Interconnected Global Network,” Servcorp writes. “Dedicated receptionists in other Servcorp centers nationwide are diligently handling calls from the affected locations and seamlessly transferring as directed by our clients.”

Servcorp took Hurricane Sandy as an opportunity to display the power of its IT platform. The platform lets Servcorp answer clients’ phones even during a natural disaster or emergency. Servcorp clients also have access to fax-to-e-mail technology and their business telephone on their tablets and mobile devices. That means as long as they have power, they are still in business.

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“You never think you will have to plan for a natural disaster, nor will you have the appropriate amount of time to develop a contingency plan,” Servcorp said in its Craigslist ad. “Servcorp clients do not have to do either. Sandy reminds us business can come to a screeching halt without the right partners. Servcorp is the right partner.”

Servcorp then offered a 30-day free trial on its virtual office package. Do you think this was an opportunistic move or a brilliant one on Servcorp’s part?

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