ROC’s Biggest Loser Contest: Part of a Bigger Picture

ROC's Biggest Loser campaign
ROC's Biggest Loser campaign

Real Office Centers “ROC” has kicked off a Biggest Loser Contest in its Newport Beach center to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits in the New Year.

The contest began on January 15th and the plan is to encourage all clients to “weigh in” and let their voices and waistlines be heard. The program will involve weekly weigh-ins and support from fellow ROC participants. ROC team members are encouraged to work out together at least three times per week. Food is part of the plan, and members will begin bringing in healthy lunches and eat together, to keep the mutual support system strong.

The Biggest Loser concept is part of a series of innovative moves by ROC, which is rapidly earning a reputation for collaboration and building camaraderie between clients and management.

A growing number of business center operators are embracing the community support strategy as a key part of their business plans as well as a differentiator in a competitive marketplace. But not all of them can and will make it successful. The high level of dedication and degree of client interaction has not necessarily been a hallmark of this industry. Newer centers, filled with energetic new thinking, appear to have the edge.

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ROC certainly has. Diane Kampner, Director of Marketing at ROC, shares their core philosophy. “We believe that success is nurtured through collaboration, events, and education. Our sustainable model is aimed at enhancing our communities’ quality of life and bottom line.” Lofty goals, but ones that ROC appears dedicated to reaching.

The winner of ROC’s Biggest Loser Contest will be announced April 2nd and will be rewarded a free 3-month gym membership to the popular Equinox Center.

OfficingToday will keep tuned to the progress of ROC’s “losers” and circle back around with them in April.

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