How Your Business Center Can Reach Innovative Mobility Workers

Marketing & social media techniques
Marketing & social media techniques

In your quest to target mobile workers, did you know there are two different types of organizations? Symantec’s 2013 State of Mobility Survey offers keys that will help you better target your marketing efforts.

According to the survey, there are two different types of organizations: Innovators and Traditionals. As their name suggests, the Innovators are readily embracing mobility while the Traditionals are reluctant. Therefore, your business center should primarily target the Innovators, 84 percent of which are moving ahead with mobility in the face of compelling business drivers that promise significant benefits.

“The difference in attitudes and results between the organizations that actively embrace mobility and those that are reluctant is significant,” says Francis deSouza, president, Products and Services at Symantec. “Organizations taking a proactive approach benefit much more than those that put it off until they eventually find themselves trying to catch up to the competition.”

Targeting Innovators
So how do you target the Innovators? You have to speak their language. Innovators, for example, see the benefits of mobility as worth the risks – so spell out the benefits of your business center as a touchdown point for mobile workers. Consider this language from the Symantec study as you massage your marketing messages:

• Increased productivity, speed and agility
• Improvements in brand value, customer happiness and overall competitiveness
• Happier employees and improved recruiting and retention rates
• Innovators are experiencing nearly 50 percent higher revenue growth than traditionals (44 percent vs. 30 percent).

Here’s a Symantec factoid: More than half of innovators (55 percent) are taking control of purchasing phones for employees. Given the opportunity, they would probably like more control of mobile worker touchdown points. Think about how your business center can help companies realize these benefits.

Targeting Traditionals
Now, just because the Innovators are your primary focus doesn’t mean you should ignore the Traditionals. After all, they, too, will eventually jump on the mobility bandwagon. Your business center can position itself as a trusted resource of information to help guide them through the transition. You could build out a page on your website with information for companies taking the mobility plunge.

For example, according to Symantec, the following guidelines can help organizations make the most of their mobile deployment while reducing risks:

• Being cautious about mobility is okay. Being resistant is not. Start embracing it. Organizations should take a proactive approach and carefully plan an effective mobile implementation strategy.
• Start with the apps with greatest productivity benefits for employees. One of the best ways to get started with mobility is to implement mobile apps that will have an immediate impact on the business.
• Learn from the innovators – get the benefits while minimizing the risks. The key is to be aware of the risks associated with mobility such as information loss, and to follow the example of the innovators.

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Equipped with this information, you are well on your way to target marketing to the cutting-edge of mobility workers and the late adopters alike. Understanding that there are two different marketing messages will help you attract each segment of this growing demographic.

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