WUN Systems Launches Impressive Performance Solution with WUN 360°

WUN 360 - technology for workspace operators
WUN 360 - technology for workspace operators

WUN Systems LLC, a leading workspace technology provider, has announced its newest product and service package, WUN 360°. As the WUN 360 suggests, this offering will give workspaces and executive centers the total technology package to successfully implement and integrate WUN’s products and services into their business center spaces.

WUN 360° packages together the current WUN Product line + WUN on Demand + MAX + WUN REV + WUN Academy.

“We wanted to give our clients the complete package,” says Victor Vasev, CTO at WUN Systems. “WUN 360° gives workspace operators everything they need to run their workspace, including all products, flexible terms, complete control to optimize productivity, strategic marketing support, and on-going training.”

WUN currently services workspaces worldwide with its inclusive product line, including Voice, Data, WiFi, Cloud Services, Internet, Security, Virtual 2GO and WUN Meetings.

WUN, a member of the ABCN Ally program, has also created some very flexible agreement terms, including no up-front capital, and business agility which adds to WUN 360°’s appeal. Also known as the total technology package, WUN 360° features a strategic monthly marketing subscription to WUN REV. WUN REV delivers the power platform business and executive centers need to create new revenue streams and increase conversions.

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For maximum support coverage, WUN 360° provides clients complete access to ongoing training and support via live and recorded webinars, weekly tips, social media updates, online manuals, and a full product and service curriculum.

WUN Systems provides workspaces with data, telephone systems, VoIP, Wi-Fi, internet, security and cloud products designed specifically for executive suites in over 80 cities across North America. WUN Systems’ voice and cloud-based technology products enable workspace providers to deliver enterprise-grade products and services to their executive suite clients.

For more information, please call WUN at 877-986-2801 or visit their website www.wunsystems.com.

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