Meet Your Next Major Business Center Competitor


The core business center industry has seen competition from various forms of alternative office space. Some business center operators have incorporated some of those competitive formats – like virtual offices and coworking – into their model.

But there’s a new competitor in some towns that is rising up with an alternative office space that traditional business centers can’t match: mini-storage.

Clovis Self Storage & Executive Office Suites in Clover, California is one of a handful of hybrid concepts springing up across the United States. The self-storage operator is offering entrepreneurs strategically located, affordable office space with flexible lease terms and the opportunity to tap into convenient on-site storage. This forward-thinking brand has attracted a diverse, professional clientele and a dual revenue stream.

Clovis aims its executive suites marketing at mobile entrepreneurs, telecommuting professionals and growing startups. Clovis executive office suites offer contemporary furniture, Cisco IP Telephony, High-Speed Broadband, iPod Docs, DirecTV and conference rooms along with efficiency tools like voicemail to your inbox, text notification of packages and mail and back-up storage software.

Everything in Clovis’ “smart offices” – including phone and Internet service, utility bills and conference room usage – comes rolled into a single price. Rent starts at $399 a month with no long-term lease commitment. Clovis has 50 executive office suites.

“The executive office suites corridor is right off our front office and the self-storage units are at the back of the property,” says Jerry Clark, owner of Clovis Self Storage & Executive Office Suites in Clovis, Calif. “This office space is designed for the entrepreneur who wants to go into business tomorrow. He can rent a small, furnished office with everything included. We ship and receive freight from our freight dock and put it into a secure cage he can access 24 hours a day. He even gets a street address and mailbox.” The office side of the project is 91 percent occupied.

Aside from effective marketing, one reason why Clovis Self Storage & Executive Office Suites is performing so well is that Clark has effectively cornered the local alternative office space market. Although big names like Regus and BusinesSuites dominate the executive office suites market in many cities, Clovis Self Storage & Executive Office Suites stands alone in its market. On the alternative office front, it has no competition. And since traditional office space comes with long-term leases and higher costs, it’s no wonder Clovis is almost fully occupied at all times.

The executive office suites side of the property includes a business center with a copier, fax, and USPS postage meter, as well as FedEx shipping and receiving. There’s also a lounge and a kitchen with free coffee. If clients don’t need a full office space, they can opt for what Clovis calls “workshops.” This workspace offers everything entrepreneurs need – except the four walls. In other words, it’s not a private office. It’s a personal cubicle space with a dedicated phone line and lockable storage space with a $250 a month price tag. All Clovis office tenants, though, have 24/7, unlimited access and unlimited nationwide phone service with a private number and voicemail.

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Clovis virtual office space starts at $99 a month, and offers all of the other benefits of smart office tenants without the physical office space. Virtual office members also have access to a cyber café. Clovis actually drills all the way down to the basis, renting mailboxes only for $30 a month. Clovis has about 100 virtual office clients, bringing in about $10,000 a month.

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