Wi-Fi Could Represent New Business Center Revenue Stream

Mobile workers are using connectivity to be more productive and work longer hours, and most of this work is being done over Wi-Fi. So says the latest iPass Mobile Workforce Report. Does your business center have strong connectivity?

That’s important, considering that the report, which shows a relationship between Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, smartphone use by region and worker productivity, also notes that poor connectivity and expensive Wi-Fi still impedes them, as well as overly strict BYOD policies.

“It’s increasingly clear that forward-thinking IT departments are capable of dramatically enhancing employee productivity by arming workers with smartphones, tablets and connectivity plans when traveling or working remotely,” says Evan Kaplan, CEO of iPass. “Although BYOD and Wi-Fi aren’t everywhere, this survey indicates that mobile workers want access to reliable, cost-effective connectivity whenever and wherever they need to work.”

Indeed, according to the survey most mobile workers spend the majority of their business days within range of a Wi-Fi hotspot but 41 percent of workers said lack of wireless coverage renders them unproductive at least 10 percent of their workday, which equates to 251 lost hours. That’s more than one month of lost productivity, per year per worker.

IPass figures that productivity drain is likely to be even higher with 18 percent of mobile workers saying they are unproductive due to a lack of Wi-Fi for at least 25 percent of their day. A majority of respondents felt “more productive” rather than “less productive” working remotely at home and in remote offices.

With that in mind, you need to keep a solid Wi-Fi network up and running if you hope to attract mobile workers to your business center. There is a revenue source available, but you need a secure, reliable Wi-Fi connection.

According to the survey, 59 percent of mobile workers have paid more than $20 for one-time use of Wi-Fi. Twenty-four percent of workers have paid $30 or more for one-time access to Wi-Fi. Nearly three out of four (71 percent) mobile workers research Wi-Fi hotspot availability before they travel.

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Are you starting to see the revenue stream? Stay tuned for a follow up on how to ensure Wi-Fi reliability at your business center.

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