Three Ways to Make Your Business Center Environment More Productive

Breakout space
Breakout space

Despite complaints of technology limitations and employee burnout – both of which decrease productivity in the modern workplace – more than 70 percent of employers and employees alike believe Canadian workers are more productive today than they were five years ago. So says a survey from Staples Canada.

As you review the study results, you’ll notice several key trends that your business center can leverage:

  • 55% view mobile technology as an important productivity aid
  • 40% feel break times are beneficial to productivity
  • 58% see telecommuting as an option that increases productivity
  • 56% feel technology limitations hurt productivity
  • 44% say burnout impacts productivity
  • 36% say non-collaborative work environments harm productivity
  • 34% have a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) work policy

“We’re seeing a trend in the right direction with more than 70 percent of employers and employees saying they’re more productive now than five years ago,” says Michael Zahra, president of Staples Advantage Canada. “But there are still improvements to be made, especially when it comes to having the right tools and resources.”

For companies looking to increase productivity in their offices and overcome some efficiency hurdles, Staples offers the following recommendations:

1. Collaborative workspaces: Create workspaces where employees can easily communicate and share ideas for group collaboration. Office furniture options now go far beyond the traditional chair, desk and cubicle. Designing an open office environment by including a mix of casual and formal meeting areas encourages spontaneous conversation and teamwork. Consider how this would fit into your business center design.

2. Breakrooms: Stepping away from work in nearby breakrooms helps foster productivity by allowing healthy mental breaks, an opportunity to refuel and have casual conversations. Including comfortable furniture and offering a variety of snacks for workers helps make a breakroom inviting and effective. Your business center probably has a kitchen and small break area, but do you need to expand it?

3. Technology: Equip employees with the technology needed to get work done efficiently, from printers and PCs to products that help enable telecommuting, such as tablets and remote access VPNs. Your business center likely offers these amenities, but is it time to upgrade? Is the technology old? Is it reliable?

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