Why WUN Wins: Clients Speak Out

WUN Systems - meeting photo
WUN Systems - meeting photo

What is it that WUN Systems brings to the table that eludes other providers? According to their clients, it’s WUN’s innate understanding of the complex relationship between business center owners and their clientele. Owners and operators want their technology to be a magnet to draw new business. But that technology has to be robust and flexible enough to handle the needs of small incubators and start-ups, as well as larger clients without too tight or too loose fit.

WUN client, Carolina Rendeiro, CEO of Right Space recounts the beginnings of the WUN/Right Space partnership. Right Spaces’ initial need was to find a reliable partner to provide VoIP and cloud based IT services to their Innovation Center and to Right Space to Meet Coworking center. The key was to bring rising costs down by finding smarter ways to handle system maintenance, licensing and a myriad of other IT related tasks. Rendeiro found the perfect collaborator in WUN Systems, through which Right Space was able to incorporate into their bundled pricing a lot of extra costs they had previously had each year. So savings was the first benefit.

Shalini Fakiri, General Manager of Lakeside Executive Suites, another WUN Systems user, underscored the need to accommodate a variety of client needs, while creating a steady revenue source for the center. She was especially impressed with WUN’s understanding of that balance, noting “Working with WUN has been a very positive experience for us. It has not only helped us to create new revenue streams, it has also allowed us to provide great enterprise level technology to our clients. It is also flexible and scalable, which is something our clients have really appreciated.”

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WUN addresses the needs in a way that does not compromise either. It is a combination of years of experience providing technology into the business center space, along with listening to their clients. The flexibility and scalability of the WUN 360° portfolio allows creative combinations of services and technology to serve virtually any combination of needs and wants for both centers and their clientele.

This level of technology could easily result in a complex, cumbersome user interface; but that isn’t the case with WUN Systems. Clients consistently rave how quickly their staff picks up on the user-friendly interface, unusual with enterprise-grade solutions.

Ultimately, the technology should be felt but not seen. Carolina Rendeiro puts it all into perspective. “The clients are satisfied. They don’t know where it’s coming from. That’s the beauty of being in our business centers or spaces. They just get in the car and drive it every day. They pick up the phone and turn on the computer. They are using all that technology. We only hear if there is a problem and we haven’t had any problems, which is great!”

WUN Systems’ voice and cloud-based technology products enable workspace providers to deliver enterprise-grade products and services to clients without having to make costly investments in hardware or software. WUN is an Alliance Business Centers Network Ally, offering a variety of technology packages that will provide your workspace with a competitive advantage in your market. More about WUN 360 ° can be found by visiting www.wunsystems.com.

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