London’s Landmark Plc Looks Ahead to Large-Scale Expansion Plans

Landmark Plc - Heron Tower Interior
Landmark Plc - Heron Tower Interior

With a name like ‘Landmark’, it’s important to think big. And, as OfficingToday learns, there are plenty of big plans ahead for Landmark Plc in 2013. So what’s the latest?

UK workspace operator Landmark Plc calls the City of London, the capital’s financial district, home. This is where you’ll find Heron Tower, an iconic element of the London skyline, and it’s here that Landmark Plc set up shop back in 2011. It was their fifth location and arguably their most prominent to date. Perhaps that’s why they’ve had so much interest – it’s currently at an impressive 94% occupancy level, which has increased gradually over the past two years in line with Landmark Plc’s growth strategy.

Across their 5-strong portfolio, many of Landmark Plc’s clients are associated with financial services. The widely publicised rise in TMT businesses moving into the City has led to an increase in enquiries over the past 12-18 months, but more notably, Landmark Plc has noticed an emerging trend from financial start-ups.

“We’ve seen a trend in new start-ups within the financial trading and recruitment sectors since the bank fallout,” said Alan Todd, Head of Sales & Marketing at Landmark Plc. “Entrepreneurs who are trying to do things differently. We’ve also seen a steady increase in demand for virtual office space and our meeting room facilities. This comes from clients who do not require full use of office space but still want access to the business centre and its facilities.”

Changing technology needs

Within London’s densely occupied and fast-paced financial market, things never stand still for long. Like all business centres, one of the major challenges that Landmark faces is technological evolution.

“We’ve had to adapt to our clients’ changing technological needs,” said Carel Venter, MD for Landmark Technologies. “In doing this, we’ve changed the direction of our technology strategy to include BYOD, which we’re launching within the next month.”

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a topic we’ve covered before on OfficingToday, highlighting the security concerns and the possibility that fewer clients will require traditional business centre telecoms. So how is Landmark Plc reacting to this?

“We realise mobile devices are becoming more common in the work place,” Carel explained. “We want to support the trend – so we have invested in a technology solution that will allow our clients to bring their devices and connect those to our telephony system whenever and wherever they are. Security concerns are minimal due to the infrastructure of the software and technology being implemented.”

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One major new development for the company is the launch of Landmark Technologies. As a subsidiary of Landmark Plc, this new brand is a standalone offering that not only benefits workspace clients, but also external businesses outside of Landmark Plc’s business centre circles. As such, it’s an innovative product that offers straightforward telecoms, IT services, consultancy and support. Clients also have one point of contact, which negates the need for businesses to juggle several different suppliers and operators.

Expanding portfolio

Beyond the launch of Landmark Technologies, there are further expansion plans for new locations in London. Alan explained that Landmark Plc is “considering other options in the City” but, interestingly, they are also looking to step outside of the financial quarter for the first time.

“Our short term ambition is to occupy six to eight high-quality, serviced office centres in the City and then branch out into the West End,” he said, “and we have been looking at various opportunities there which have been brought to us because of the high quality of the environments and services that we provide.”

There’s more. Landmark Plc has undergone a re-brand with a new logo and a new website, to be launched within the next couple of weeks. And as part of that, they have also commissioned new uniforms for business centre staff by the same designer as the Savoy, no less. “First impressions count and Landmark Plc have a continuing investment programme to ensure our reception and meeting facilities are the best in the business,” Alan added.

With over a decade in the flexible workspace business, five London landmarks and more on the way, along with a new business sideline and a timely brand refresh, Landmark Plc is certainly living up to its name by building on solid foundations, planning big, and looking ahead to an exciting future.

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