Word Travels Fast When Internet Speed is Slow: Why You’re Losing Business Before it Even Comes Knocking

Is your Internet fast enough?
Is your Internet fast enough?

So your front office is dazzling, with well appointed furnishings, awesome local art dotting the walls and lots of fresh brewed local java blend aromas filling the air. But what kind of internet “bones” lie beneath?

Here’s an interesting article out of the Reno Gazette-Journal written by Bobby Wittenberg, an IT specialist, with some words of wisdom regarding the varying quality and speed of internet services and ISP quality.

While it’s written from the standpoint of more traditional office space seekers, the message is clear. Savvy businesses are urged to take note, up front, of ISP provider availability, pricing and quality before they make any moves. That means business centers are also coming under increased scrutiny. And, since word of mouth travels fast these days, your center or coworking space might be out of the running before anyone comes knocking! The question is: how does your business center or coworking space stack up against the one down the street when it comes to bandwidth, quality and speed?

Time to take stock of your communications infrastructure. In case you don’t already realize it, this is not an area to scrimp on, especially as a younger demographic continues to fill serviced office space and touchdown spaces. They expect fast access, fast speed and lots of options. Not up to par? They’ll quickly grab their iPads and go down the street to the “other guy” with the funky front office and cat hairs on the sofa, but super fast speeds and other sweet wireless apps.

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Available Internet Options Can Change with Relocation

Written by Bobby Wittenberg, solutions consultant at IQ Systems Inc. of Reno. He can be reached at [email protected]

Image: Adam R, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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