Apartment Business Centers: Taking Market Share Away From You? What You Should Know

Will future workers live at a business center?
Will future workers live at a business center?

Apartment business centers are not a new phenomenon. Many apartments, especially those located in city centers, have either ground floor areas or unused upper floor space dedicated, either formally or informally, to conducting business.

Recently, however, a shift in apartment business centers is occurring, replacing the old school cubes or alcoves outfitted with computers and phones with a new emerging open floor model, that allows more interaction and collaboration for multiple uses. If that sounds a lot like the new open floor coworking spaces and business centers, you’re right on the mark.

Are we headed for yet another new competitor in the form of apartment building business centers? Will future workers live on Floor 5 and work on Floor 2? Below is a link to a recent article we thought was interesting from the Chicago Tribune that takes a deeper look at apartment business centers. You can decide for yourself. Let us know your thoughts.

Apartment business centers: All work and play

October 11, 2013, by Jeffrey Steele, Special to The Chicago Tribune

Image source – ABCN

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