3 Ways to Make Your Meeting Room Audiovisuals Rock

Meeting rooms for the 21st century
Meeting rooms for the 21st century

If you’re marketing meeting room space in the 21st century, you understand how important the audiovisual experience is. You need the right equipment and the expertise to operate it so your business center clients have a rock solid experience.

Northwest Meetings & Events magazine recently published an industry round up of audio video experts. You can click here to read the entire article, or keep moving forward to get the best of the best three tips relevant to your business center.

1. Understand Your Limitations

“Understanding what you have and the limitations of your equipment is really big,” Hobie Fugate, CEO of Seattle’s Audio Visual Meeting Solutions (AVMS), told Northwest Meetings & Events. “To jump in and get a basic understanding is better than avoiding it, because it’s not going to slow down.”

2. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute

“We have a rule of one hour prior,” Fugate continues. That means everything needs to be set up and checked at least an hour before your business center clients arrive.

3. Have a Trained Pro On Hand

“The best of us have had challenges interfacing with display equipment,” says Fugate. “Some things are out of anyone’s control.” You don’t need to hire an AV expert, but someone at your business center should be the “resident expert.”

Beyond the article, you also need to consider presenter lighting. You can only depend so much on daylight. Ask your client questions about lighting, whether they need a full rig with lights and stands or if the standard room lighting is sufficient. Depending on what type of presentation they are conducting, they could need a more sophisticated lighting set up.

On the audio side, ask your meeting room client if they need table-top mics so others in the room can join in, especially with important video conferences. Other options include audio recording to document important meetings or standing microphones for individual presentations.

If you really want to compete in the full service meeting rooms market, create a checklist that you can post on your website offering all the options, such as varying screen sizes, branded meeting themes, the number and type of microphones, music considerations and more.

As the meeting rooms business grows more competitive, the business centers that offer a one stop shop may come out ahead in the battle for larger clients.

Image source: ABCN meeting rooms

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