Search Office Space (SOS) To Launch

Flexible workspace veteran Caleb Parker joins, a new venture by Search Office Space (SOS), as CEO.

Names Industry Veteran, Caleb Parker, CEO

November 5, 2013 – London, England

Search Office Space (SOS), announced today that it will launch, and has appointed serviced office/meeting room industry veteran, Caleb Parker, as CEO. SOS, who are about to celebrate their 20th anniversary, plans to launch the new product in the first quarter of 2014.

With the web address receiving the full support of SOS global marketing resources, Business Center operator partners will benefit from a substantial number of pre-paid bookings that will generate. Operators will be able to login to a dashboard and have full control over their meeting room inventory and rates. A study by the Global Workspace Association found that operator meeting rooms are vacant on average 50% of the time.

“Many of our partners have told us that their meeting rooms are an underutilized product,” says Richard Smith, founder and CEO of Search Office Space, “With the growing number of requests for on-demand meeting rooms, and the sheers size of the meeting room marketplace, we see this as a huge opportunity for SOS partners to maximize their vacant spaces. We will be putting the full resources of the SOS global team behind to ensure it becomes a household name for businesses of all sizes. And I have no doubt that this process will expedited by the appointment of Caleb, who we are delighted to have recruited to spearhead this project.”

Three major trends are coming together to create an increased demand for meeting rooms within the serviced office industry:

  • 1) Widespread adoption of mobile technology
  • 2) the rise in entrepreneurship
  • 3) the fiscal need for established businesses to reduce their real estate footprints by implementing agile workspace strategies.

According to a KMPG Study, “60% of businesses have increased their use of virtual workspaces while 48% of businesses have reduced their reliance on physical office premises,” shifting to on-demand space usage. While virtual working is quickly becoming the norm, the need for physical space is not going away anytime soon; the need is simply shifting to as-needed.

The company has appointed Caleb Parker as CEO. Parker brings a diverse background of experience, including 12 years in the hospitality industry and nearly 7 years in workspace-as-a-service, including time with Regus, Executive Space Solutions and TouchdownSpace.

“I’m really excited to join Richard and the team to create an excellent product with an amazing brand identity that will serve our industry and customers for years to come,” says Parker.

Parker is a leading evangelist for workspace-as-a-service, spreading his “on-demand workspace” message at numerous conferences, social media, panel discussions and various blogs. He joins from TouchdownSpace, a company he co-founded to create the first global distribution system for the workspace-as-a-service industry.

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About Search Office Space
Search Office Space was established in 1993 by Richard Smith as the world’s first dedicated serviced office agency. The company consolidates the entire global flexible office market into a single, convenient location, with free search and support services that saves its customers time and money.

Over the past 20 years, the company has developed a reputation for customer service, impartiality and cost-effective solutions. As well as start-ups and SMB/E’s, Search Office Space assists some of the world’s biggest companies to source flexible offices around the world.

For more information, contact:
Caleb Parker, CEO
US Office: +1 (646) 650-2441
UK Office: +44 (020) 8909-5195
Email: [email protected]

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