How Creative New Videos are Selling Space

ROC video
ROC video

What do your videos say about your center? Are they funny, clever or cool? Or are they static and boring?

Savvy center operators are realizing the value of taking the time and effort to capture the flavor of their centers in videos that are both fun to watch and get the message across.

They are, after all, commercials.

If your center is using this valuable media to continue posting those old school, Muzak-injected moving panoramas, take a moment to view what two very hip, very happening centers are doing.

Watch and take notes.

Real Office Centers “ROC”, always has something new happening at their centers, and they are good at using multimedia to tell us about it!

Here, in the latest ROC video, check out what these folks are willing to go through to give their clients a tasty and healthy morning juice-fest.

We asked Becky Beattie, Director of Marketing how creative videos like this one help keep their centers full. “Videos convey an emotional message that words alone can’t do. When done right, a video can make you feel excited about the topic and creates an instantaneous connection with the viewer,” she said.

That’s good advertising, plain and simple. As Becky quickly points out, “Ultimately, the goal of advertising is to make people aware of your product and what better way to do that than by combining information with entertainment? These new marketing tactics are more usable, immediate and human. More videos please!”

Coworking space owners and operators are particularly adept at getting inside their prospective clients’ heads.

A prime selling point of coworking is the collaborative environment. Nothing illustrates the value of collaboration like BLANKSPACES’ short video commercial: Collaboration 2.0.

Why the different approach? According to Jerome Chang, Founder of L.A.’s BLANKSPACES, “People already know to tour in person to feel and see the space. We use our videos as ‘commercials’ to show more, tell more, and do more. A tour video is purely instructional; our commercials speak our brand, entice prospects of the experience, and compel them to want to tour.”

How are you using video to promote your brand in new and creative ways? We want to know! Send us links to your creative video commercials and we’ll do our best to highlight as many as possible. And, to quote Becky Beattie once again, “More videos, please!”

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