New Year, New Attitude


A lot of people don’t really believe in New Year’s resolutions. They think they’re silly, trivial and never really happen — losing 10 pounds, quitting smoking, you’ve heard them all.

This year, instead of directing your resolutions inward, why not set some New Year’s resolutions for your business center?

What’s great about a new year is that you can use it to kick off more than just another campaign or program. You can use the new year to kick off a new attitude. So, if your center has never hosted events, maybe this is the year. Or if you are still using that tired old video to promote your space, make it a priority to find a videographer and make a fresh new one.

Here are a few more ideas to ponder as we toast in 2014:

Or, some attitude adjustments:

  • Launch a monthly tenant town hall meeting (with food!)
  • Create an open door policy if yours have been closed
  • Start delivering an extra compliment, or pat on the back to someone who deserves it
  • Make the rounds to your clients’ offices and just say “hi”
  • Decide to replace what needs to be replaced and fix what needs to be fixed
  • Be positive

Sound too simplistic? I could name off several business center and coworking space owners and operators who would disagree. They practice all these things regularly, and their centers are healthy and thriving because of it.

Consider the fresh New Year ahead of you. It’s waiting for something fresh and new from you.

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