Regus, Orega, CORT and Turnstone: Some Great Videos to Wrap up the Year

We continue to find some really innovative video work emanating from the business center communities.

Here are a few that we feel really grab attention and hold it long enough to get the message across.

Orega shows their Hammersmith location build out, in time lapse. What a great way to celebrate the building of a new location!

Turnstone found a way to show off their new Buoy product line in a really fun way. Just let a bunch of drummers hammer on it!

CORT also showed off their furniture at their clearance centers. Set to the popular tune “Call Me Maybe” the staff rhumbas and frolics around the showroom floor, so we get to see the inventory while their employees strut their stuff!

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And, finally, Regus took the time and effort to put together a really nice Christmas Poem.

Do you know of a particularly creative video from a business center, coworking space or a supplier? Let us know and we’ll air it!

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