Show Not Tell: How to Market Your Business Center with Pinterest

Pinterest - Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr
Pinterest - Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr

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Stepping away from traditional forms of marketing that focus on telling a story, today’s consumers demand visual inspiration.

A study by ROI Research shows 44 percent of respondents are more likely to engage with brands if they post pictures. Social media platforms are held highly responsible for societies’ visual obsession. The ever popular virtual pinboard, Pinterest, ranks among the largest culprits. With more information available at our fingertips, consumers are mastering the art of capturing information fast.

In matters of image vs. content, a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

Appealing to your audience can be as easy as snap and post. Uploading on the go is easier than ever when you’re using tablets and smartphones. You can enhance your brand image and attract new clients by using pin boards as eye candy for your business center or coworking space.

According to Econsultancy, 43 percent of Pinterest members agree that they use Pinterest to associate with retailers or brands they can identify with. The key is to create posts that drive interest, not spammy content that screams “buy me.”

Increase brand visibility by linking images to your website, blog or landing page. Just remember to include compelling information relevant to the image posted or you’ll lose their interest fast.

Use these examples as a guide to creating boards that generate buzz while remaining relevant to your business center.

Business Centers and Coworking Spaces

This is your bread and butter, so give your audience a taste. Create a board featuring beautiful photos of office spaces and commercial buildings. Mix it up by pinning images of business centers from around the world. Use artful design to pique interest like

Sharedesk Pinterest board - Photo by dbasulto via Flickr

Sharedesk Pinterest board – Photo by dbasulto via Flickr

This co-working space directory uses their boards to showcase design-minded creative spaces from co-working offices worldwide.

Photo by dbasulto via Flickr


Does your business center offer top-of-the-line amenities? Show off what makes you stand out from the competition.

The Office Place, an office furniture retailer, features a board dedicated to “Awesome Office Break Rooms.” This board highlights images of uniquely designed break rooms as well as non-traditional ways to utilize break spaces like game rooms and snack bars. By doing so, followers also gain insight to the type of style they should expect from The Office Place furnishings:

The Office Place, Pinterest board - Photo by Lamidea per casa tua! via Flickr

The Office Place, Pinterest board – Photo by Lamidea per casa tua! via Flickr

Photo by Lamidea per casa tua! via Flickr

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Tips and Advice

Make yourself an industry expert by providing your audience with information that will help them thrive. Carve Consulting, a social media consulting firm, does this with their “Social Business Infographics” board.

Infographics present users with statistics and information in the form of visually pleasing charts, graphs or images that draw interest in a specific subject matter. You can also pin images that lead to news articles or video coverage regarding market trends. Your followers will consider you a trusted source for newsworthy content and keep you in mind for future needs.


Advertise your excellent location by creating boards that showcase nearby eateries, bars and boutiques.

Denver-based New Era Realty provides an excellent example with neighborhood-based boards that display places of interest located near select properties. If your location presents an advantage over your competition, let it show. You’ll not only attract your target market but create a sense of community by partnering with local businesses:

New Era Realiy, Pinterest board - Photo by Mapbox via Flickr

New Era Realiy, Pinterest board – Photo by Mapbox via Flickr

Photo by Mapbox via Flickr

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