The Office of the Future is About The People Who Sit in Your Space

Brian MacMahon, CEO of YourOfficeAgent, highlights the importance of good leadership and how this translates to the way businesses choose office space.

By Brian MacMahon

Brian is the CEO of agile workplace specialists, Your Office Agent, and has specialized in creating workplace solutions for the past 13 years in over 30 countries and every continent. In this time he has been proud to lead the revolution in workspace change globally. Currently many companies still generally take inflexible leases for 3 to 10 years at a high cost of occupancy, even though most business plans are only 5 months out. This is something that Brian strongly disagrees with. Brian’s passion is to help find the change solutions companies need to thrive in this modern workspace world.
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For many years there has been a theory that those tough Donald Trump type managers are the most successful because they have an unwavering focus on targets and will do almost anything to almost anyone to achieve those objectives.

Management schools have molded those managers of the future in this image and because the management principle is based mainly on big egos, low self-esteem and their need to be seen as powerful. Their facility choice has always been to have those people in one office space. That way the employees can see their managers’ greatness daily and tremble in fear when the job was not done right. A few managers have emulated the Richard Branson style but not enough of them to change the way we think about successful managers.

I have always thought this overbearing management style to be very outdated and even less effective over the long term and have wondered when we would see some real data to back this up.

There is a brilliant research report which was published a few years ago from an extensive study in the UK, and which is still hard for even those managers with the lowest self-esteem to refute.

The work foundation interviewed over 250 people for over three hours each with the objective of finding out the correlation between management styles and the most successful companies. The result is that targets and objectives are not the reason for success; it’s the way that their people are treated. Achievement of the targets is a byproduct of treating good people very well and building a strong foundation with those who are the future of these successful companies.

I encourage all of you to read the report which is called “Exceeding Expectation: The Principles of Outstanding Leadership“. I also encourage you all at the beginning of this new year to really question how you manage your team and who is given more importance in your organization, you or your employees.

From a very selfish perspective I am also really pleased that this discussion is being raised because it also brings up the question of why those employees are all coming to one building in the first place, and what alternative work styles could be implemented to make them happier, more effective and more efficient.

With the technology we now have available to us we have so many options available to CEOs and Facility managers when they are assessing where their people should sit. Executive suites, mobile working, home working and coworking spaces are excellent outsourcing options externally, and hot-desking, hoteling and reverse hoteling are excellent efficiency options internally.

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We owe it to our employees to review how we house them every month but, at the beginning of a new year with the possibility of clearer waters ahead, this is a New Year’s resolution priority. Don’t try to solve this yourself though. You are too close to the problem. Involve as many external viewpoints as you can so you get a good balanced view.

By the way, my company,, specialize in this area because we believe in it. Just reach out to us and it won’t cost a dime to get some of that help you will need to make the right decision every time. Happy New Year!

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