INFOGRAPHIC: Social Sharing Across the World – Where Does Your Centre Fit In?

Social sharing across the world
Social sharing across the world

This excellent infographic from Gigya (below) highlights some pretty useable data on which social media channel is right for your business, and where these channels fit in on the global scale.

As we well know, social media is big business and it’s worth investing a little time to get things right. Not only do your consumers expect you to be active on social media, you also have the potential to increase brand awareness and even sell workspace with the help of a targeted, carefully crafted social strategy.

With that in mind, take a look at the below infographic which was produced in Q3 2013. While it’s a few months behind, the data still presents plenty of workable information.

Did you know that Pinterest and Twitter are gaining steadily in popularity, while Facebook is flailing slightly? Furthermore if you’ve got an e-commerce site, Pinterest could be more valuable to your social strategy than any other channel – particularly as Pinterest’s newly-released APIs are likely to accelerate its sharing popularity further.

Now skip to the bottom half of the infographic and check out the sharing trends in your part of the world.

Facebook leads the charge in North America with 36%, but only just – Pinterest is catching up with 29% and Twitter follows with 24%. In South America, Facebook is clearly the dominant force with 67%, while across Europe, Facebook shares the honours with Twitter (47% and 45% respectively). In Africa and the Middle East, LinkedIn occupies a more significant piece of the pie with 11%, its most successful sharing location, while in Asia/Pacific the Japanese social site, Mixi, accounts for 4% of shares.

While these sharing figures are incredibly broad and cover a wide range of industries, it is worth noting how your preferred method of business social media ranks on the global scale. For instance if you’re a Facebook fiend and you’re based in North America or Europe, it might be worth expanding your social activity to incorporate Twitter and/or Pinterest.

There are enormous social media opportunities for business centre operators, providing you invest time in your strategy and choose a channel that fits your business. How do you use social media for your business? Which channel works best? As ever, do let us know – and join us over on our LinkedIn channel where we’ll debate the topic further!

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Social sharing across the world (Gigya)

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