Score One Above the Competition with a Local Travel Guide

Local, personalised travel guides
Local, personalised travel guides

In an industry governed by customer service, we know how important it is to be seen to ‘go the extra mile’. So for business centre and coworking operators working hard to outshine the local competition, here’s a handy little tool that might just give you the edge.

Jauntful is a new app that, once released, will enable you to create personalized travel guides on your local town or city for visiting guests. The guides can be edited to include your own comments or notes, and they can be accessed digitally or printed leaflet-style.

Let’s say there’s a nationwide corporation looking to expand into your city, and they’ve singled out your business centre as one of a dozen potential workspace locations. They’re new to the city, they’ve booked in for a tour and they’re on a tight schedule. You barely have time to show them around the space, let alone wax lyrical about the local facilities or the cafe on the corner.

Rather than straying from the really important stuff – ie. your first-rate facilities and the enormous value your centre can offer – why not send them away with a personalized guide explaining everything they might need to know about the local area?

The result is a smart pocket-sized leaflet complete with a map containing all of your places of interest and accompanying notes. Naturally your business centre will be listed in the guide, along with your photograph or your business logo on the front cover to make it more memorable. You could also provide an interactive version which can be accessed via smartphone.

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This particular app is still in the development stage but there are other tools out there that can do a similar job.

Of course you may already have your own local brochure. Good for you! But be honest – when was the last time you updated it? Do you know how to edit it? Is it easy on the eye or a jumbled mix of words thrown together at the last minute?

Apps like Jauntful are now easier than ever to come by, and they’re designed to create great pieces of useful content quickly and easily. Technology is accelerating and truly useful tools like this are cropping up all the time. They can demonstrate your aptitude for going the extra mile which might, just might, help win over that important client and put you streets ahead of the competition.

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