Three Work Spaces Leading The Creativity Curve: How Do You Compare?

The Superdesk - Barbarian Group
The Superdesk - Barbarian Group

When was the last time you updated your videos? Do they “tell the story” of what makes your space unique?

We’ve selected three videos that are particularly creative in their ability to tell the story of innovation and creativity for their centers. Business center and coworking space owners and operators need to take inventory, not only of your own spaces, but those of your local emerging competitors, who are probably closer than you think. Here are a few to watch:

The Barbarian Group marketing agency in New York has created a lot of buzz over their 1,100 foot long “Superdesk”, a structure created by architect, Clive Williams, to encourage the ultimate collaborative environment. What do you think? See for yourself here:

Introducing the Superdesk from The Barbarian Group on Vimeo.

1871 in the Merchandise Mart, Chicago continues to break new ground. The “1871” refers to the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the center was so named to symbolize the city’s fortitude and rebirth. A tech incubator, the space caters to creative web and mobile apps entrepreneurs. Very cool added touches are more than aesthetically pleasing to the eye; they are actually functional — such as the colored “writable” glass partitions, shown below.

We’ve also included a walk through video of 1871. There are so many innovative ideas shown here that can be put into play. See for yourself:

Factory Business Center and Coworking space, known as FY, is located in the Braga municipality of Portugal, a thriving metro district with a burgeoning high tech community. The business center reflects a young, hip connected base of entrepreneurs, where funk and fun meets focus — an ambience perfectly matched in their video:

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Should you re-imagine your entire space to conform to some of these highly created, fashion/tech forward spaces? Maybe not. But these kinds of spaces project the future. We can expect “innovative” and “creative” to become a staple of coworking spaces and business centers in the years to come. You can agree with it or not. Just don’t ignore it.

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