Using Videos to Tell a Story: Three Creative Approaches

The ClubHouse in Kontich, Belgium
The ClubHouse in Kontich, Belgium

From Indiana to Taipei, coworking spaces are re-inventing the way video can be used to tell their unique stories.

Today it is easy to grab a camera and capture all the action and even easier to share your work with future collaborators. Here are a few we found that are grabbing the limelight:

BrainQube Coworking Space in Lafayette, Indiana, found a creative way to announce their move with a preliminary walk through courtesy of co-founder, Nicole Gebhart. Nicole knocks on doors, chats it up with other tenants and basically helps the viewer visualize how terrific BrainQube will look when completed. This is a great way to build excitement and anticipation, while showing off features.

The Club house/Aurelium located in Kontich, Belgium uses a creative blue print overlay to describe each of the features of its space. The 3-d floor plan fades in and out with highlighted areas and descriptions of each area on display. A clean and concise approach to showing off the large open spaces along with the many smaller focus areas.

Taipei Co-Space World Design Center in Taipei, Taiwan combines an infographic look and feel with an appealing video. The space itself is light, airy and modern with a few old school touches — they even have a water cooler!

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What do all of these coworking communities have in common? A passion for their spaces and a desire to share them with others. How does your space stack up? We appreciate your ongoing input and video suggestions. Keep them coming!

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