Coworking Spaces Finally Add Kid Spaces

Visionary Meetings - coworking childcare
Visionary Meetings - coworking childcare

Recently we came across a blog written by Rachel Lehmann-Haupt, Editor of Women 2.0. She had written about a newly opened coworking space in Tokyo, run by Minhee Katayama, a freelance videographer, who decided to launch a coworking space with an area dedicated to providing childcare.

He called the space Hatch+Kids. The idea was to provide women with a solution to the country’s shortage of daycare services.

Rachel Lehmann-Haupt made an interesting comment in her article, “In San Francisco, where I live, co-working spaces for tech companies are popping up like daisies. There’s the Hatchery, where Women 2.0 is based, The HUB, Citizen Space, Startup space, the list goes on. While most of these places provide free Diet Coke, Goldfish, and let workers bring their pets, there is no space that provides affordable on-site childcare.”

We couldn’t agree more with Rachel. In fact, around the middle of last year, our staff at OT was planning to write an article about business centers incorporating child care areas within their spaces. They were few and far in between, so we put the article on hold.

Today we are happy to report that our Google search results are uncovering a number of new, and soon to be launched, kid friendly coworking spaces. And you don’t have to go to Tokyo to find them. Here are a few of the ones we found.

Diana Rothschild opened San Francisco-based NextKids, an offshoot of Jeremy Neuner’s well regarded and popular co-working company NextSpace, last year. In Rothschild’s case, as a new working mom, the concept started with a daydream: “a light, airy space with good coffee and interesting people working on cool stuff–and a place where her daughter could be taken care of and still be nearby.”

The answer was NextKids, catering to app developers, graphic designers, even biomedical engineers and, of course, their kids. NextKids is now thriving, and requests for seats for both the co-working and childcare side are expanding, according to Jeremy Neuner.

And NextKids isn’t the only kid friendly coworking space cropping up. There are more slated to open in 2014.

Jill Salzman, the founder of The Founding Moms, is in the midst of plans to open a facility in the Oak Park area of Chicago this year. Said Salzman,”That’s part of my whole mission with the organization,” It’s a good fit. Founding Moms offers offline meet-ups and online resources for moms who are also entrepreneurs. “I can’t cut that off when opening a co-working space.”

Visionary Meetings, in West Bloomfield, Michigan, has a similar plan but is still working hard to get the capital together to make it happen. Visionary Meetings is hoping to launch as early as this year. They are currently working to raise money online through the end of this month to help with startup costs. And they have some big ideas. See their video below.

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While it has taken more time than we would have anticipated, coworking spaces with child care are gaining in popularity. We would expect the trend to continue.

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