Navigating the Future at BCA Conference 2014

The BCA's 2014 Conference and Exhibition takes place at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London on Thursday 22nd May 2014.

CitizenM Hotels COO Michael Levie joins founder of Seven Investment Management, Justin Urquhart-Stewart, and Alice Bentinck of Entrepreneur First to navigate the future at BCA Conference 2014.

20th May 2014, London — At the Business Centre Association’s (BCA’s) 24th annual Conference & Exhibition, taking place on Thursday 22nd May at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, a celebrated line-up of speakers will present to a largely workspace-focused audience across a rich spectrum of business matters.

Entitled ‘The Power of What If: Today’s Vision, Tomorrow’s Opportunity’, the Conference welcomes keynote speaker Michael Levie – COO of CitizenM Hotels – who will throw the spotlight on customer service as the lifeblood of the workspace business.

Levie has devoted his life to hoteling and hospitality and he will offer a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a hugely successful hotel brand. Companies from any service industry can look to the success of CitizenM Hotels and act on Levie’s service expertise to drive their business forward.

From financial devastation to innovation

2013 saw a record-breaking number of new startups in the UK, yet the economy came very close to devastation just five years prior. Justin Urquhart-Stewart, co-founder of Seven Investment Management, will discuss the financial fiasco that very nearly crippled the global economy and how its sustained recovery is translating into a record number of new businesses in the UK.

Urquhart-Stewart will put the record straight on the UK’s return to growth and explore how, despite the “hobbled” state of the banking sector, entrepreneurialism is firing on all cylinders.

Unconference: The Big Conversation

The morning schedule concludes with the BCA’s ‘unconference’ element, which returns in 2014 to highlight some of the biggest challenges affecting workspace operators today.

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The BIG Conversation, an open discussion forum led by key industry figures, gives the floor to delegates across multiple groups in a round-robin format. The objective is to identify business barriers and use the power of collaboration – a key theme in today’s workplace – to discuss ways to overcome them.

Young entrepreneurs under the spotlight

Leading the afternoon session is Alice Bentinck of Entrepreneur First and Tushar Agarwal of Spacious, who will shine the spotlight on the UK’s promising young entrepreneurs and impressive startup business community.

Bentinck is well-placed to offer real, tangible advice on how delegates can react to the needs of young business owners when they enter the world of enterprise. Similarly Agarwal will draw on his own experiences to disclose the inefficiency of workspace brokerage systems, and to demonstrate how the Spacious model is answering the needs of today’s workspace seekers.

The future of work

Nigel Miller, Managing Director of Cordless Consultants Ltd, wraps up the Conference programme by focusing on the future of work. As globalization and technological advances push us ever closer towards a new integrated future, Miller will draw on his own expertise as an IT professional to examine the challenges – as well as the infinite opportunities – which are coming our way.

During his presentation ‘Positive Disruption, Unlock Innovation’, Nigel will draw on cutting-edge workplace examples from around the world to demonstrate how new and emerging technology will transform commercial property into a smart, real-time asset.

The event concludes with an Evening Reception and Dinner, in which reporter and radio personality Paddy O’Connell will take to the stage to deliver an engaging after-dinner speech.

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