Rating and Review Sites: Are They Worth The Risks?

Posting tenant reviews
Posting tenant reviews

Is your business center or coworking space listed on a rating or review site such as Yelp or Google+?

Perhaps you are one of the owners or operators who are reluctant to opening up their businesses to the whims of clients and random ratings and reviews.

It’s certainly understandable, as there is no lack of controversy swirling around rating and review site.

You may recall the issues arising between Yelp and Google+ lately and the accusations made a couple years ago concerning Yelp squelching positive reviews for those who don’t advertise.

Despite the flaws, however, according to recent studies, ratings sites are being taken more seriously than ever before.

Regardless of whose study you read, such as this one, the numbers are impressive. Those responding positively to positive reviews on online rating sites vary between 78-90%.

And, while most realize that not all ratings should be taken literally, they also admit being highly influenced by them.

The diagram below courtesy of Zendesk, shows the popularity of ratings sites and how influential the reviews are.

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A cursory search conducted by Officing Today of business center and coworking space operators indicates that many are already well established with Yelp and Google+. When searching for space in their particular geographic regions, their ratings appear along with their names. Of course, the better the ratings, the higher the likelihood that their sites will be visited. Yes, there is always the risk of a negative review or two, but most consumers agree that, as long as the positives outweigh the negatives, the center or space will be well regarded.

If you have been avoiding signing up with a rating site, you may want to seriously consider opening your space to reviews and make it part of your marketing plan. Those who avoid doing so out of a fear of potentially negative reviews, may be making a bad decision. There will always be an element of risk, but not to take it, in the end, be more damaging.

OT’s take? On balance the positives outweigh the negatives. It’s important to demonstrate to your potential clients that you are not daunted by the possibility of an occasional bad review and that you are willing to be reviewed by all your clients. How to get good reviews? Do the basics well, and make your clients feel appreciated and cared for. Then let them share their experiences with others. You may, in fact, be pleased with the results.