Viva Las Vegas (and its Coworking Spaces)!

Coworking is alive and thriving in Las Vegas, thanks to a lot of young entrepreneurs and energetic organizations.

That includes Downtown Project, which works with property owners, coworking space operators, designers and entrepreneurs to plan and implement spaces throughout the greater Las Vegas area.

Coworking spaces in Las Vegas are taking over new and historic buildings and, if their videos are any indication, their operators are out to prove that coworking not only works, but provides an important outlet for creative minds and collaboration.

Downtown Project has made a video, which we’ve shared below. It features some local spaces and a lot of enthusiastic owners and operators.  And, would you believe a planning session with nothing but glass and Post It notes? See for yourself:

Work In Progress Coworking Space in downtown Las Vegas bills itself as “Workspaces and tools for startups and creative thinkers.” Clearly designed to nurture and grow the local start up community, Work In Progress lets its cohabitants speak for themselves in this video:

The Tech Library, also in downtown Las Vegas, sprang out of a project called /usr/lib, backed by shoe retailer, Zappos. Tech Library was formed for technology workers and creative entrepreneurs to have a place to socialize and collaborate on projects. Hear from Susan Hinton and Krystyn Frye, who provide all the details about this trendy coworking spot located above a local coffee house.

If there is still anyone out there who believes that Las Vegas consists of The Strip and a lot of desert, they have not experienced the thriving working community, made more collaborative and productive through a close knit coworking network.

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And for coworking space operators such as Tech Library and Work In Progress, as well as Downtown Project, we can bet that they’re hoping that ‘what happens in Vegas’ gets noticed all over the world.

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