Why Aren’t You Updating Your Website? Three Things Business Centers Need to Do

Are you marketing to corporate firms with distributed teams?

Every year The ‘Webby Awards’ are given out to honor exceptional websites. Categories include best use of video, best use of images, best navigation, best user experience, and many more.

We suggest that all business center owners and operators take a look at their 2014 award winners. In addition to being entertaining, they will give you a sense as to where our world is today, in terms of use of graphics and video on websites to market and sell.

After looking at a host of Webby winners, we at OT decided to do a random (and admittedly non-scientific) review of about ten business center operators’ websites. While there were exceptions, we were surprised to find that most continue to take an old school approach to the design and layout of their websites, which means featuring too much text and too little in the way of eye-popping photos and videos.

Having a lively and appealing website is a natural fit for the business center industry. If you are still lagging behind the times with yours, here are three things (taken from a great article by website developer Novofex) business center owners and operators can do with their websites to, not only move them into this century, but to make them jump out and attract more business.

  • 1. Make them ‘Responsive’: That means they will dynamically adjust to fit the media being used to access your site. According to Novofex, “If you are not designing with a “mobile first” attitude in mind, then you are in essence working against yourself and your finished product.  The year 2015 will finally see the shift where more individuals browse on mobile than on traditional computers. If you cannot easily browse a website on your Android device or iPhone, are you going to come back to it?”
  • 2. Use bigger images: Gone are the small thumbnails and here to stay are the larger than life, vibrant images of your beautiful business centers, right up on top where they can’t be ignored. Says Novofex: “Once the user begins to scroll down, they should no longer continue to see the image, but instead see the homepage content.  Try it out for a nice, welcoming unique look.” We agree.
  • 3. Use the new Flat Design: Is your site still sporting lots of drop shadows and beveled edges? The new “flat design” is simple, informal and uses color, instead of dimension, to grab attention. A good example of this can be seen in the tablet screen on any Windows 8 machine.

Finally, go outside your four walls for input. You have gotten used to your site and chances are you have become immune to its good and bad points. It is always a good idea to ask people outside your business center what they think about your site and all your promotional programs. After all, it’s their opinion that counts.

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