Moore’s Law

Sir Roger Moore

by Kevin Winstanley, MD of IT service supplier ip-Xchange and regular OT columnist, considers the blinding speed at which technology is evolving, free money, and Roger Moore.

Let me tell you about FREE MONEY, actually, hold on, I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Roger Moore was never my favourite Bond, that is a position held fast by Connery, but Moore was the only man in the late 60’s and early 70’s who could carry off a pale blue safari suit, which unquestionably is a rare talent. He didn’t even play bond until 1973, and in 1965 was actually playing ‘Beau Maverick’, English cousin to infamous Brett, who would have thought that?

Conversely Gordon E. Moore co-founder of the Intel Corporation, is now better known for his 1965 prediction that computer processing power would basically double every two years, meaning in 2015, 50 years later, computers will be exponentially 25 times faster than they were in 1965.

People often ask me why they have to buy a new computer ever 2-3 years, I say Moore’s Law, they say – What?

I say, from 2005 to 2015 – Computers are 5 times faster, a growth in just one decade of 500% in performance or 3 to 5 new computers just to keep up.

500% faster, Moore, pardon the pun, of everything. Moore spreadsheets, Moore documents, Moore pictures, Moore content, Moore Multimedia, sound, video, streaming, browsing, searching and that’s how to remember it – It’s Moore’s Law, as in more.

Don’t let me forget to tell you about the FREE MONEY.

So, as an aside, when did you last upgrade your internet connection to cope with all this extra demand? Or do you really think you can fit a pint in a quart pot, whatever that means. Imagine a 500% increase in cars on the roads with no new motorways if that helps you visualise the scale of the task in hand.  If you run a business centre and are constantly dealing with the ever increasing demands of your customers, there’s probably a common theme to the internet conversation: ‘It runs slow, it never use to run this slow, why has my internet connection got worse, what are you doing about it’?

Now you know, Moore’s Law, simply put, it hasn’t, instead the requirement has exponentially increased.

The demand for bandwidth in the UK is growing even faster than Moore’s Law, on average the demand is doubling every 6 months, 8 times faster in fact than Moore’s Law. So, when did you last upgrade your internet bandwidth? And, are your customers paying enough for the increase that demand placed on your network? Really, I mean it. You want 5 times more for the same price? Try that one in Tesco’s.

Recently I listened to Kit Malthouse the Deputy Mayor of London who said “Every £1 spent on upgrading to superfast broadband had a direct increase of £20 in GDP” and the government still had £155 million available in a supported voucher scheme to give away to people wishing to upgrade their internet in the Super Connected Cites scheme.

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By the way, that was the bit about FREE MONEY.

Image source: Allan Warren, Wikimedia Commons

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