Why Conjunctured Closed: The Next Evolution of Co-Working?


We read last week about the closing of Conjunctured, a coworking space in Austin, Texas.

We’re always concerned when we read of a coworking space closing. But this one caught our eye because the closing apparently had less to do with the profitability of the space and more to do with the emergence of a new venture, spawned from the experience of its owners.

David Walker, co-founder of Conjunctured, insists that the closing was not due to its failure to pull in business. And, by all accounts, it had gained a solid reputation as Austin’s first co-working space, housing dozens of entrepreneurs, many of them start-ups in the technology sector.

According to Walker, it was the experience of running Conjunctured that helped give shape to a new concept he refers to as a “more human-focused work style”. Called Nomatik, this new co-working platform takes some of the concepts of coworking and virtualizes them into “share-communities” that allow people to connect with others wherever they might be.

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The official description from the website is “a work social platform for freelancers and corporate employees who work remotely or work in Activity Based Work environments, it extends the co-working experience to people beyond co-working spaces – freelancers in coffee shops around the world and nomadic corporate workers.”

Walker somewhat boldly refers to Nomatik as the “next evolution of co-working”. But is it? Will it take business away from ‘traditional’ coworking spaces? And was it worth closing down a coworking space for? Time will tell. How owners and operators respond, however, may be more important.

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