Co-Working and Yoga: A Natural Pairing for Health Centered Spaces?

Coworking and yoga

A recent article in Huffington Post about creating yoga space in the office, got us curious about how many business centers and co-working spaces dedicate effort and space to allow folks to spread out their yoga mats for a bit of respite in the middle of a hectic day.

As it turns out, we found several, and it’s becoming common place in “well centers” or work spaces with a concentrated focus on health. Below are a few.

Denver-based Shift Spaces recently celebrated their two-year anniversary. They boast a full yoga room. More about Shift in the video below.

Perch Studios, located near Chapel Hill in Carrboro, North Carolina, bills itself as “Coworking Space, Wellness Studio and Artist Studio”. Part of the ‘wellness’ comes in the form of yoga classes through Able You Yoga, as well as an acupuncture clinic, both located within their center.

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Austin, Texas-based, Soma Vida’s tagline is “Space to do what you love, Wellness to love how you live.” Soma Vida embraces yoga with what it refers to as its Yoga Collective. Classes include; Munkunday Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Sacred Feminine Yoga (with Bellydancing), and All is One Yoga.

These are only a few centers focusing on wellness and including amenities such as yoga rooms. Unfortunately, however, some have closed their doors. Although the official reasons are not known, it may be that they, along with other spaces ‘on a mission’ simply are not sustainable on vision and good intentions alone.

Spaces such as Space 12 in Austin, and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, have great looking websites that proclaim their dedication to wellness and tranquility. Unfortunately, taking a deeper dive into the sites, led us to messages that they had closed their doors, a sad reminder that co-working spaces are, at the end of the day, businesses requiring balance sheets and black ink to survive.

Kudos are in order to the many wellness-centered spaces, whose owners and operators have managed to tap into a healthy following, along with healthy profits to keep them open.

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