Survey Snapshot Highlights Value of Broker Relationships

Officing Today - how tight is your Broker relationship?

As a business centre operator, what’s your most lucrative enquiry source?

According to a poll snapshot of 40 respondents, posted on the OfficingToday homepage earlier this month, serviced office brokers are the most valued source of new business.

When asked which method fills the most seats, brokers brought in the majority of votes in the multiple choice poll with 29%.

The option for “tenant referrals” and “SEO” levelled at 26% each.

Further down the popularity stakes came “Hosting an event” (10%) “Digital advertising” and “Print advertising” (2% each).

Among the comments, respondents included two more solutions including “customer satisfaction” and “free gifts”. While the latter might attract footfall and get new business through the door, the age-old standard of customer satisfaction and positive word of mouth referrals is what really works the magic.

How tight is your relationship?

Of course before you can get to that point, you need to bring in the leads.

Specifically, the poll refers to a “tight relationship” with broker representatives as the most valuable, which begs the question: could you improve the quality of leads to your centre simply by improving the relationship with your brokers?

“Absolutely” says Steve Marsden, Global Sales Director at Search Office Space. “One of the most important elements of a successful relationship is communication. It’s a two-way process, and clear lines of communication are absolutely essential, particularly pre- and post-viewing.”

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The three ingredients Steve highlights in a successful relationship are trust, communication and visibility. There are also mechanical factors at play, such as a fast accept/reject process. “Speed is everything,” he added.

“It’s a partnership – we all have the same goal so the more transparent and efficient the process, the happier the client and the better the end result for workspace providers.”

Even if you’re satisfied with your broker’s performance and your centre leads are of a good quality, there is always room for improvement – and it certainly doesn’t hurt to refresh the relationship from time to time. Why not arrange a meeting, or invite your broker representative to visit your offices? Demand is only set to intensify as the serviced office and flexible workspace industry continues to grow, and effective partnerships could help you to reap the rewards both now and in the future.

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