Is This “Chair” in Your Business Center Future?

If you haven’t heard about Govert Flint’s dynamic desk chair, you should take some time to read more about it. This innovative new piece of furniture doubles as a computer mouse and, while it is still in development, it is already getting attention.

According to an interview with Flint in The Guardian, the chair works on many levels to increase activity, while providing an added physical dimension to gaming. “In western society we tend to invent things that make everything so efficient that we don’t move at all during our working lives,” said Flint. With his new ‘mouse chair’ Flint is certainly changing that philosophy by adding a lot of movement to a process which traditionally involves the thumb or forefinger.

Flint’s dynamic desk chair, while still in its early stages, could become an added boon to business center operators who are seeking new ways to get feet in the door, and keep them there. As we are being told increasingly by the medical community movement is a good thing; keeping the blood circulating and the body moving. Millennials are especially attuned to this as they witness more baby boomers succumbing to sedentary circulation issues, thanks to years of sitting in front of a computer.

Will there be a place for the dynamic desk chair in business centers? How would a new and exciting piece of furniture help increase the visibility of your center, along with number of occupants? A mouse chair may very well become an office staple. Time will tell. In the meantime, kudos to Govert Flint.


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