Seeking Collaborative Co-Workers: Why a New Co-Working Space is Advertising for Members

Business center marketing - the "uniqueness" factor
Business center marketing - the "uniqueness" factor

As co-working spaces continue to successfully weave themselves into the fabric of their communities, one recent space, The Works, in Carroll Gardens, New York, is seeking a very specific set of qualities for its members.

A recent article in DNAInfo focuses on the efforts of The Works to find people to become part of what it terms its “eclectic group” which, according to one of the space’s organizers, Dave Dawnson, includes a mathematician, a filmmaker and a graphic designer.

While Dawson makes it clear that they are putting no demands on the people they bring into the center, it is an interesting new link in the chain of new, highly collaborative environments that are emerging to fit very specific alternative work mindset, in which the involvement of each member is arguably “mission critical” to the success of both the occupants and the space itself.

This may be the win-win co-working space owners and operators who are struggling with rapid member turnover are looking for. It may help secure occupants who are in for the long haul (or at least more than a week or two). Ultimately it also represents a fresh new slice of the co-working phenomenon, providing yet another option to the many options already available to this new era of alternative workers.

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