Sliding Doors Open New Opportunities for Business Centre Operators

Aston University partitioning (BD Online)

Flexibility is becoming a key ingredient in the 21st century workplace. From employee happiness to business centre client retention, flexibility in its many forms is today’s bargaining chip.

And it’s really stirring things up in the field of workplace design.

Desire for greater flexibility is breaking down barriers and smashing the walls of convention – metaphorically speaking of course. But it’s making sizeable waves in physical form, too.

Take a look at these smart sliding partitions at Aston University near Birmingham, U.K.

This movable wall structure has been designed with “exceptional flexibility” in mind. It allows the space to take on a multitude of different functions, particularly as plenty of attention has been paid to the acoustics, enabling multiple events or business meetings to run simultaneously.

Installed by partitioning company Style, the partitioning at Aston University has been used to create a 250-delegate conference venue with the ability to separate eight suites for workshops, meetings or as break-out space.

For some business centre operators, this is nothing new. But are you using it to its full potential? Whether or not you already use a flexible partitioning system between office space suites, systems like this really come into their own in the meeting room arena.

On the corporate conferencing scale, etc.venues uses the same sliding partitions at its new 155 Bishopsgate facility. As a meeting and events location, the space can be swiftly reconfigured and adapted to client demand by enlarging or shrinking the space. Again, smaller suites can be created to allow for separate workshops, break-out rooms or even dining space.

It’s easy to see how movable walls can be used across the workplace spectrum to generate more flexibility and to enable business centre and meeting room operators to react faster to client demand. Indeed, flexibility is the buzzword on the business agenda, and modern solutions like this demonstrate how operators may capitalise on their space in the future – particularly as the meeting and conferencing workspace industry gathers pace.

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We hear the phrase ‘working without walls’ so often in our increasingly tech-savvy, work-anywhere culture. Flexible partitioning won’t work for every business environment, but by thinking beyond four walls, those sliding doors could well open more opportunities than you think.

Image source – BD Online

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