Open Workspaces Can Promote Productivity: A Planning Guide

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Productivity is a hot button issue these days as many self-proclaimed ‘experts’ in our industry question the level of productivity attainable in open plan coworking spaces.

Can remote workers who are serious about reaching their goals, truly be productive when seated inches away from someone who may be talking to another person, also seated inches away? Yes, but with some adjustments.

That’s according to Allsystems’ “Planning a Productive Workspace” infographic shown below.

There are key design elements and features that apparently can and do give personal productivity a boost.

Business center and coworking space owners and operators need to keep an open mind and explore ideas that will help them strike that delicate balance between camaraderie and focus.

Bottom line? If green walls and 3 feet of separation between people and things promotes that balance, it may be time to get out the paint cans and do some re-decorating.

Above image: interior layout of an office at 110 Bishopsgate, London (

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