Serving Those Who Serve: WESST Opens Veterans Suite in Albuquerque

WESST, Albuquerque - launch of Veterans Suite

Celebrating their silver anniversary this year, Albuquerque-based non-profit, WESST, has been helping to cultivate entrepreneurship and fuel small start-ups in New Mexico since 1989.

Their latest contribution comes in the form of Veterans Suite, a coworking space dedicated to helping military veterans start their own businesses.

The concept was born out of WESST’s active involvement within the military community, which is forecasting the return of over 14,000 vets from overseas deployments in the next few years. The venture seems like a natural fit for an organization already running several active coworking spaces in Albuquerque, all geared towards providing space and services for fledgling businesses.

Veterans Suite boasts 15 cubes, outfitted with desktop computers, high speed internet and a central printing capability. The space is economically priced at $200 for up to 36 hours per month.

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According to Juliana Silva, WESST Regional Manager, the space is the first of its kind in the metro area. From our research, however, it may be the first of its kind in the U.S. A quick search by the OT editorial team uncovered several centers with special veteran discounts, but non that are 100% veteran-dedicated coworking spaces. If you know of one, let us know and we’ll gladly cover it.

Kudos to WESST and Veterans Suite for serving the entrepreneurial spirits of those who serve.

Photo: WESST Facebook album, taken during the press launch of the new Veterans Suite.

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