Want to Sell More Meeting Room Space? There is a New Sound in Town

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The competition to book meeting room space is bringing into play new technologies, not only in visual collaboration platforms but also in enhanced acoustics.

Business center owners and operators are now looking at incorporating new ‘intuitive’ software that simulates space attributes and actually ‘hears’ acoustics. In other words, an auditory experience that has been optimized to fill the space perfectly.

Below is an article reprinted from WOW Magazine on how two sound innovators have come together to take office acoustics to a new level. Whether or not this ground breaking new technology will be adopted by business center and meeting space operators, remains to be seen. And heard.

An intuitive software to simulate and “hear” acoustics.

In order to supply its customers and users of Snowsound with an increasingly efficient service, Caimi has recently added a new acoustic-anticipatory software to the measuring instruments, calculation software and other facilities already used at the R&D department of the company. Giorgio Caimi explains the features of this innovative software that allows to “hear” and view the acoustics in a room.

The innovative software, developed in Denmark, is used for acoustic simulations and measurements in all kinds of environments: auditoria for music or speech, industrial environments, atriums, canteens, restaurants, offices, schools, railway stations, stadiums.

Besides simulating the condition of rooms before the works, the programme allows to check more solutions as regards the the positioning of Snowsound material, in order to suggest the most suitable arrangement from an acoustic and architectural point of view. 3D models can be created or imported from other CAD software. Materials, sources and receivers are handled smoothly in a user friendly interface. Results are room acoustical parameters presented in graphs and color maps, miscellaneous graphs.

The most amazing feature of this software is the auralisation algorithm, namely the possibility of listening to the room acoustics before and after the acoustic treatment with Snowsound.
The functions of the simulator include the most spectacular capacity of viewing, through an intuitive graphic art, the propagation of sound inside the three-dimensional model, before and after the positioning of Snowsound. You can fit a few reception points in the three-dimensional model for listening and one or more acoustic sources that emit sounds.

A sophisticated algorithm allows to calculate the acoustic variations on the several spots considered, according to the different materials used, the sound decay and the positioning of Snowsound. That allows to hear the final effect of the acoustic correction before and after the works on the headphones.

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Text by Giorgio Caimi, managing director of Caimi Brevetti and supervisor of Caimi Lab.

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