A New Year and a New Rwanda: A Sparkling New Tech Community is Thriving at kLab Co-Working Space

With the beginning of each New Year, we all tend to look for signs of renewal and growth to help charge our engines. Rwanda, not that long ago a war-torn site of terror and genocide, is a great example of fresh starts, most recently in the form of kLab, a co-working space in Kigaly, Rwanda, devoted to helping fuel its emerging tech sector.

At kLab, designers and programmers work on a wide range of government and independent consulting projects, many of which center around SMS technology development. Many of Rwanda’s best and brightest inhabit kLab’s bright, airy spaces, including an assortment of socially minded expats, such as former Amazon developer, Nic Pottier, who have the skills, backing and drive to help local talented entrepreneurs build upon their talents and compete on a global scale. Pottier and others have used their influence to attract investment backing from Visa, Nokia, Microsoft, and Carnegie Mellon.

There is no question that Kigaly and kLab have a long way to go. But Rwanda’s government has ambitious plans to gradually replace the devastation of 20 years ago with a fresh new knowledge-based economy. And clearly kLab is poised to help realize those plans.

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Stories like kLab in Rwanda, serve to underscore the growing trend towards globalization of talent, skill and knowledge. Savvy business center and co-working space owners are opening up their doors to young entrepreneurs and encouraging higher levels of networking. It’s good for business and showcases the strength of this industry.

By the way, you can read the full back story on kLab and the transformation of Rwanda’s business and tech communities at VentureBeat. And, while we’re at it, happy New Year! Here’s to growth, peace and prosperity in 2015.