Catalina Basaguren Takes the Helm of ABCN Europe

The world of flexible workspace never stands still, and with such fast-moving change comes shifting roles, new responsibilities and fresh faces. And yet, the business centre industry is blessed with dedicated long-serving people – many of whom have been involved with the sector for decades, and who have actively participated in its growth and evolution.

One of those people is Sandra Petri, who has worked with ABCN for an impressive 13 years and, until recently, held the position of Regional Manager – Europe.

“Growth and change at ABCN comes in many forms, and it is with both sadness and joy that we announce the resignation of Sandra from her position with ABCN,” said Frank Cottle, Chairman of ABCN. In the spirit of the industry, Sandra is moving on to work with one of ABCN’s current Members in the Netherlands, so she will continue to work within the sector.

“John Milhado will also be leaving his position of ABCN’s Executive Director – Europe; and taking a new position of Director on ABCN’s new Board of Advisors,” Frank added. “John has worked with ABCN for 14 years, and I’m personally very grateful to John for taking this step. I believe that it will contribute to a number of benefits for us all.”

So who will be filling Sandra and John’s European shoes?

“We are pleased to announce that the full time position of Regional Manager – Europe will now be filled by Catalina Basaguren,” Frank announced.

Catalina Basaguren, ABCN

“Catalina has been with ABCN for the past three years working with Members and clients. So, she is familiar with all aspects of ABCN’s operations globally, and knows many Members and Center management teams already.”

“At ABCN we try to never miss a beat, and we are excited about these opportunities for growth within the European region.”

While many Members and clients of ABCN may already know Catalina, others have not yet made her acquaintance. So to help you get ahead of the game, we caught up with Catalina earlier this week to hear how she’s readying for her new role.

OfficingToday: Welcome to Europe, Catalina! Can you tell us more about your new role?

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Catalina Basaguren: As Regional Manager in Europe my primary objective is to attend to Members’ needs. I want to build a relationship with them to strengthen the ties between us. The closer we work together, the better the service we can provide both for the center and for their clients, which I think is an end goal for everyone in the industry. Alliance has always been a business that revolves around service, therefore the satisfaction of our Members and our clients is our number 1 goal.

I have a lot to learn, which is the most exciting part of this new position! I want to continue to grow as a person within Alliance, in which I have been so happy for the past three years.

OT: How will your previous experience with ABCN help you in your new role?

CB: I have worked with virtual office clients in Europe, but until now I have mainly been focused in the US. However I know the industry well and I spent my formative years living in Europe, so I am familiar with many of the areas that I’ll be working with.

The closer the relationship between the center and us, the more productive it is for all concerned. John and Sandra did a fantastic job in Europe, and we want to further the ties that they made, so that Alliance Members feel the true value of their membership.

OT: What are your main objectives in 2015?

CB: I have several! I want to improve our relationship with European centers, increase interaction through social media, encourage more sales leads for centers… the works. Importantly, I want to have more two-way interaction. We want to hear more from centers in Europe, which can help us to promote them. For instance, write about them on Officing Today and make sure the world knows how Europe is growing and changing.

OT: How will you be getting to know European members over the coming months?

CB: I would like to visit as many centers as possible this year to get to know them, their environments, and the operators. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy traveling around Europe!

In the meantime I plan to introduce myself to every center operator and their team, by phone and email, putting myself at their disposal, so they can feel free to contact me at any time. It’s really important that they feel comfortable with the Alliance system and know that we have a virtual “open door” at all times.

Please offer a hearty welcome to Catalina whenever you get the chance. She can be reached at: [email protected] or +31 85 888 2050.

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