How One Workspace Operator is Capturing the Attention of Local Skiers

Elevate Coworking, Frisco, Colorado

After a day of skiing, the operators of CoSpace Elevate (pictured) in Frisco, Colorado, invite you in for a cup of coffee.

They also implore you to do something constructive, instead of sitting bumper-to-bumper in I-70 traffic.

That’s what the owners of CoSpace Elevate are banking on, and they’ve been getting attention since they opened in October, just in time for ski season.

Some of that attention is coming from local entrepreneurs who believe that Frisco is poised to become the newest technology start-up hub and are hoping to connect Frisco’s local tech community to resources from neighboring Denver.

Regardless of whether or not they reach that status, CoSpace Elevate is a great example of a serviced office space scouting out the needs of a local market and taking advantage of a steady stream of road-weary ‘drop in’ business.

We’ve reprinted the CBSlocal article below, with interviews of the CoSpace owners and others who believe the uniqueness of CoSpace will help it survive and thrive.


FRISCO, Colo. (CBS4) – One mountain town has an idea to help ease Interstate 70 traffic with a goal to keep drivers entertained rather than frustrated while on the road.

It’s well known the high country is a tourist destination, but now there are some new spots popping up that allow workers a new space and some new ideas while enjoying the best recreation Colorado has to offer.

“We really believe the co-working spaces are a place for people to come and connect and collaborate; so really to build that sense of community in a little café,” Elevate CoSpace founder Amy Kemp said.

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It’s something that didn’t really exist before this winter, but since October Elevate CoSpace has been up and running in Frisco.

“People who are freelancers, who are entrepreneurs, who are startup founders; they don’t have a really cool office space to go to,” Kemp said. “Often times they’re working in the corner of their living room or a really crowded coffee shop.”

Now there’s this new option — with new ideas. Elevate isn’t just a table and Wi-Fi.

“That’s one of the reasons why we’re reaching out to the Front Rangers and starting the Sunday sessions, so people don’t have to sit on I-70 in skier traffic,” Kemp said. “They can come here and extend their weekend, meet new people, meet like-minded people, meet other entrepreneurs or business owners or startup founders, and connect and grow their business.”

Jeff Schell with Rocky Mountain Patent says he stops in almost every time he skis.

“It’s been great being able to come up, go skiing, do a little bit of work after the ski day is done,” Schell said.

He’s gotten so involved there, on Sunday afternoon he led a group talk on patents.

“Our talks have been geared toward connecting the resources of Denver to Frisco, because I believe Frisco is Colorado’s next startup hub,” Schell said.

Startups are just one area Elevate is focusing its efforts.

“From learning about patents to learning about financing to learning about business strategy, crowd funding, marketing; pretty much A to Z everything you need to know in order to either start a business or enhance a business,” Kemp said.

There is a slight fee for days or yearly memberships. Elevate has teamed up with other co-working spaces throughout the mountains to provide almost a season pass.