Poll Snapshot: Opportunity Missed as Corporate Deals Fall Flat

Are you marketing to corporate firms with distributed teams?

In a recent poll posted on the OfficingToday homepage, we asked the question: “Do you actively market to large corporations to use your center for their distributed workforce?”

The snapshot poll generated a small cluster of 22 answers, offering a glimpse into the current thinking of business center and workspace operators across worldwide.

However, the results weren’t what we expected.

Our poll shows that the majority of respondents (73%) are NOT marketing to large corporations, suggesting this is one opportunity within the evolving business centre industry that remains largely untapped.

But why?

As a business center operator, what do you feel is holding you back? High occupancy and a lack of space is one possibility. But what happens when your big client moves out? Another cause may be lack of marketing knowledge, or perhaps your campaigns are falling short of your target market.

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The business centre industry has traditionally appealed to small and medium-sized businesses – and it seems that this audience continues to be its bread-and-butter client base. Given the intense growth in startups and entrepreneurship, and the economical importance of SMEs, that’s no bad thing.

But adding large corporates into the mix presents enormous opportunities that could easily aid future growth and prosperity for your workspace business.

Of course, we can safely say that 22 responses far from illustrates a complete portrait of our industry. So can you help us complete the picture? Let us know whether or not you’re going after corporates this year. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime, check out our latest poll by heading to the OT homepage or clicking here.

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